Replacement Windows Hiccup

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Replacement Windows Hiccup

#1 Post by maureenbb40 »

I have 2 questions. I don’t know anything about home building or windows.
1) For our home, would total home replacement windows typically be done from the outside or inside?
2) Is it typical that a window installation contractor who installs replacement windows from the inside will not take down and put back plantation shutters that need to be removed before window replacement?

55 windows, double pane
Home year 1990
Builder was Centex Homes Fox and Jacobs
1 octagon window in a bathroom
7 half circle shape
6 trapezoid shape
1 window has blinds (over kitchen sink)
40 rectangular windows have plantation shutters

Window Condition:
some windows have lost seal, 1 has crack on external glass, few get condensation dripping inside the window to the sill

We signed a contract for window replacement installation. (hiccup below)
Our contractor project manager measured the windows Friday 12/2/22.
PM needs until Tuesday 12/6/22 to type his notes and finish the detailed material order.
After visiting our home to measure, the PM will allow us to cancel the contract before he orders the windows because we have added work that was not disclosed before we signed.
The salesman did not tell us (before we signed or after) that we would have to take down all plantation shutters with their frames before installation AND later reinstall the shutters with frames.

This contractor installs a specific type of Pella windows that are very energy efficient. This contractor replaces windows from the inside.
On our house, the shutter doors are attached to shutter frame with 3 brackets using small 1” brass screws. The shutter frame is L-shape profile mounding on all sides with additional rectangular cross-section wood piece on top and bottom. The shutter frame is installed with finishing nails in the window opening.
My husband and I both work. We are not in a position to safely and quickly take down and reinstall an entire house of plantation shutters. Initially we received a quote for replacing all windows in the house and the backdoor.

Looking also for ideas and insight about the plantation shutters.

I feel sad, bummed because I was looking forward to an entire house of high efficiency windows, and we were willing to invest a great sum of money on these windows. :(

Thank you in advance - Maureen

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Re: Replacement Windows Hiccup

#2 Post by Windows on Washington »


To your questions first.

1. Depends on the application but the vast majority are more optimally done from the exterior.
2. It is. That is a ball of wax that many contractors, us included, don't want to be responsible for.

To you other questions, what work was added. Depending on the attachment of the plantation shutter frames, they usually DO have to be removed. Guessing that this is a wood window based on the contractor doing the work from the interior?

Where is the home located?

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Re: Replacement Windows Hiccup

#3 Post by maureenbb40 »

Thank you very much for reply.

The current house windows are not wood windows. I think original windows appear to be vinyl coated aluminum, double-pain windows. I don't know the correct terms, but the window openings are lined with sheetrock. But no wood. Power Home Remodeling Group LLC office in North Texas (HQ in PA) believes installing replacement windows from the inside is the best for these Power Symphony Series Window by Pella.

The salesman and my husband and I were sitting in the dining room next to shuttered windows when the salesman was speaking with us. The added work is - the salesman did not tell us we had to remove 40 shutter frames & shutters and put them back. I thought when he said the windows were installed from the inside that they inserted new window in the opening (at angle) through shutter frame (shutters on) to install.

House is located in suburb of Dallas County in North Texas, and the home is about 30 yrs old.

Power HRG did some projects in the neighborhood and came by one evening and asked if they could come back to provide an estimate. My husband and I have considered getting the windows replaced. We liked this Power-Pella window product after the salesman’s demo. This window model is the Power Symphony made by Pella.

There are a few other minor complications with our windows, but the shutters is a big issue for us. An example of another complication for installation was 4 half-circle shape windows have an added ledge on the interior that needs to be removed for installation; the contractor agreed to do that. My husband is tending toward cancellation of this project due to the us needing to find someone to remove and reinstall the shutter frames and shutters with Power HRG. If we cancel, we will look for a replacement window contractor who installs replacement windows from the outside or arranges/helps (with a subcontractor) take up/down the shutters.

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Re: Replacement Windows Hiccup

#4 Post by Windows on Washington »

I would trust your husband's instinct on what he is feeling at this immediate juncture as you most likely WILL have to remove the frames and all hardware associated with them in the capacity that you are telling me about the windows.

Probably some better product options out there as well.

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Re: Replacement Windows Hiccup

#5 Post by Ricknez »

Important to note that most window companies do not remove and reinstall window treatments of any kind. Installing from the outside would still be an issue with interior shutters.
If a window company does agree to that, it would have to be stated in the contract and not something verbal or implied.
The reason most window companies steer clear of any sort of window treatments( interior or exterior) is due to loss/ broken parts, as well as other potential issues not limited to the complexity of the reinstallation.
If a company does agree to reinstall, expect a clause that states they are not responsible or liable for any damage, loss parts, or proper reinstall.

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Re: Replacement Windows Hiccup

#6 Post by Randy »

All of our installations are done from the exterior and plantation shutters rarely have to be removed.

Is your exterior cladding brick, siding, stucco, or some combination?

Feel free to email me directly for more assistance.

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Re: Replacement Windows Hiccup

#7 Post by HomeSealed »

I'd defer to Randy on the procedures most commonly used in your area, that can be somewhat regional based construction methods, climate challenges, etc.

My only other points would be to confirm what others have stated:

1) Most reputable companies will not R&R your shutters for liability reasons so I wouldn't disqualify this option for that reason. Then again, if an exterior install can eliminate the need for that, that would certainly be ideal.

2) You may want to consider alternatives regardless as that window is not in the upper echelon of energy efficiency despite what the sales pitch may claim.

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