Pella pro-line transom over DH

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Pella pro-line transom over DH

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I have a Pella Pro-Line (circa 2000) transom over a DH window that has broken glass from an impact.

Pella tells me they no longer make replacement parts for these windows made before 2002 (i think it is 2002). I had another transom on same wall get broken by roofer 2 years ago and they DID make parts then.

Pella also tells me there are 3rd parties that do make replacement sashes for these. But they were unwilling to or not able to tell me who these 3rd parties are.

All the other windows are fine (Pella replaced sashes years ago due to class action), and I have many windows on the same wall, so I do not want to replace this single entire window unit.

Does anyone know of these 3rd party, “aftermarket” manufacturers?
Does anyone have other suggestions?

I contacted my local glass company and they did not have idea.

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Re: Pella pro-line transom over DH

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How about some picture of the interior and exterior. You can probably just get the glass from a local supplier and de glaze and re-glaze on your own.

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Re: Pella pro-line transom over DH

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Where are you located?

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