Feedback on Wood Window Options

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Feedback on Wood Window Options

#1 Post by mtowndave »

We are looking to replace the 50-year-old double hung windows in our home as the sashes have seen better days and so we are looking at several options for replacing them with wood windows.

We want to keep the wood interiors and then either have an aluminum clad or fiberglass exterior as to keep the frame and sash with at a minimum.

The other big factor is getting a factory stained finish that matches the golden oak that is prevalent through most of our house. While I have the capability to do the staining myself, time is what I don't have a lot of.

So far we have gotten quotes on the following products:

Pella Lifestyle
Pella Architect
Anderson 400 Woodright
Marvin Infinity
Marvin Elevate
Marvin Ultmate

The Pella has a stain color that has seems to match the closest from stain samples. The Martin ultimate has a color that is close but not a great match. The Marvin Infinity and Elevate, and the Andersen would all be bare wood that has to be stained, adding to the install cost if I do not do it myself.

And while I haven't gotten a quote from them, I have been in contact with Sierra Pacific and found out that they can do a custom match on their Transcend H3 and stain at the factory. I have a resource that could order from Sierra Pacific but still need to find an installer.

At this point, the Pella lifestyle seems to be beating out the other options I've looked at in both the price and color match. The Pella Architect does have a nicer look with the stained jamb liners, but the significant additional cost for them doesn't appeal to us.

But I would like to know if anybody else has a recommendation that we should be looking at to give us the warmth of wood that we want to keep.

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Re: Feedback on Wood Window Options

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Marvin Elevate, ultimate, or the Andersen 400.

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Re: Feedback on Wood Window Options

#3 Post by HomeSealed »

The Marvin Ultimate is the finest quality of this group IMO. Not a killer performer (although none of these are), but if you highly value the rich look and feel of a real wood interior (which again is the main reason to look at any of these), it has that in spades.

The Marvin Elevate is a nice compromise. Doesn't have the quality of the Ultimate, but a nice option for the price.'

The Pella lifestyles is a 10 year window imo... and I've seen them replaced in 10 years or less. To be fair, there have been some design changes/improvements since, but it's still entry level quality imo with a fancy name brand.

Andersen 400 is fine. Don't love or hate.

Marvin Infinity can be intriguing. Most Infinity dealers will offer a stain option done in the field or prior to install despite the fact that its not a "factory option", as much like yourself, folks that are forking over that type of investment generally aren't looking to take on a staining project or to have to hire someone separate to do so. I also like the fact that you have an excellent chance of dealing with a good dealer/install company since this product is reserved for a few select dealers. All of the other products mentioned can be purchased by anyone with a pickup truck and no real experience, so be sure to vet any company offering those.

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