4 Quotes - Okna, Sunrise, Andersen- Cheaper alternatives?

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4 Quotes - Okna, Sunrise, Andersen- Cheaper alternatives?

#1 Post by madi »

Hello all,

we bought a new house and need to replace all of our 19 windows. Those are 18 double hung and 1 slider. Build 1946. In Greensboro NC area.

We have 4 quotes

Okna 600 ~$30000

Sunrise Windows ~$33000

Champion windows ~$22500

Renewal by Andersen ~$32000 (but 2 double-hung windows less, was the first quote and later we changed our mind )

Then we have 2 contractors who would install the windows we buy.
One charges $3700 the other ~$5000. Which sounds to me reasonable. We first though it would be to much of a hassle to buy those windows our self. But now it seems the best option that fit our budged.

I’m pretty shocked about those prices, especially when I read (mostly in this Forum) that RbA is always over the top. Here they are quite close to the others. I know Okna and Sunrise are good windows and I really liked those windows, but I doubt they will save me enough money over the years that it would make sense for me to pay that price.

Are these prices normal in the Greensboro area?

Are there some cheaper options, that might not be the greatest quality, but still decent?

Does someone has a recommendation in this area?


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Re: 4 Quotes - Okna, Sunrise, Andersen- Cheaper alternatives?

#2 Post by Windows on Washington »

Of the vinyl, the Okna is the best product and being in the middle of the pricing, even better. The lowest priced window is outdated at this point and probably not worth consideration for the 25% premium on the nicer window.

You sure that RBA's quote was accurate? You wouldn't normally see them priced so close to a vinyl option.

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Re: 4 Quotes - Okna, Sunrise, Andersen- Cheaper alternatives?

#3 Post by HomeSealed »

Primary recommendation: DO NOT source the windows yourself and hire an installer. Yes, you can save money if all goes swimmingly -- however that is 50/50 at best in my estimation. Problems arise, Joe the window installer doesn't answer his phone, or he just blames the window. Call the window manufacturer and they will tell you that the issue is due to the installation (and most often they are correct).

As far as pricing, we have no details regarding the option content, sizing, installation type, etc. With that said, I'd agree with the thought that WoW seemed to allude to which is that having had multiple quotes in a similar range would generally confirm somewhat of a "going rate" in your area. The RBA price is curious, as they are running in the neighborhood of $3k per window these days from what I have seen and heard.

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Re: 4 Quotes - Okna, Sunrise, Andersen- Cheaper alternatives?

#4 Post by uncle eddie »

The Sunrise and Okna options should be your only two choices. Don't skimp, this is an investment that will last decades.

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