Window Replacement Advice: Vytex, Sunrise, Pella, SoftLite

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Window Replacement Advice: Vytex, Sunrise, Pella, SoftLite

#1 Post by MDHomeowner »

Hi, I'm looking for some advice on replacing my windows. I've tried to do some research, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. Much of the information seems biased and doesn't really provided a comparison between the options I'm considering.

I live in a townhouse in the suburbs of the Washington DC area. It was built in the late 1970s and still has the original double slider windows. We are planning on staying in our home for at least another 10 years.

Due to the color scheme of our home, we need the exterior to be brown rather than white.

I have gotten quotes for the following windows.

Vytex Fortis
Sunrise (MI) Restorations V5000
Pella 250 Series
SoftLite Classic Plus Series
Gentek Signature Elite

They are all fairly similar in price except the SoftLite ones are about $2000 more. Our neighbor got cream SoftLite windows and is pleased with them. Is the SoftLite worth the greater price?

All of the installation companies are fairly reputable except the Gentek one. They have varying installation warranties ranging from 5 years to 20 years.

Could someone chime in with an opinion about which window is the best? I would greatly appreciate it before I make my decision. Thank you!

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Re: Window Replacement Advice: Vytex, Sunrise, Pella, SoftLite

#2 Post by Ricknez »

We use both vytex and sunrise ( vanguard) but have been installing more vytex lately. We really like the vytex but certainly will use sunrise with no hesitation. The soft lite you have been quoted is their “ average” series. We prefer their elements or ls elite. I would put Pella at the bottom of your list along with gentek.

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Re: Window Replacement Advice: Vytex, Sunrise, Pella, SoftLite

#3 Post by WindowsDirectCinci »

Vytex and Restorations are above the rest in this comparison. Depending on the brown you chose, Sunrise may be doing that in a co-extruded vinyl as opposed to paint. I'd definitely prefer that if that's the case. If both are being painted I'd choose whichever installation company you feel will do the best between those two.

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Re: Window Replacement Advice: Vytex, Sunrise, Pella, SoftLite

#4 Post by Windows on Washington »

What part of DC Metro?

We most likely service that corridor.

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Re: Window Replacement Advice: Vytex, Sunrise, Pella, SoftLite

#5 Post by HomeSealed »

^^^This is the guy to talk to^^^, Windows on Washington is the best in the business.

As for your current choices, the Vytex and Restorations are the only options that I'd consider. The said, a window is only as good as its installation, and again, it sounds like you are fortunate to have one of best servicing your area in WoW. Great window, great install, and great service are all a lock.

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