NE Mississippi Alcorn County Contractor Needed

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NE Mississippi Alcorn County Contractor Needed

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I am not sure if I am aloud to actually post messages like this, the rules were not exactly clear on it past no personal information. I need to replace 19 windows that are all damaged or poorly installed. I have contacted a few different window companies but they are very predatorial with there business practices so far. They all have given me an outrageously high quote, then gave me a secondary number $10k to $15k less than the original number, but it was only valid for the day... I have been trying to find some local contractors that can order and install the windows with out all of the sales man tactics. But that seems to be even more difficult in my area than trying to haggle for window prices with these used car sales people of the window box store world. I am in Alcorn County/Corinth Mississippi. Does anyone know a way to find contractors, or knows any contractors in this area? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: NE Mississippi Alcorn County Contractor Needed

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Find a regional sales rep, someone that works directly for the MFG, for Pella, Marvin,and AW, ask them who they would trust to install windows in their own house.
We have installed windows for many pople related to the industry.

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