Okna vs Vytex vs Provia

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Okna vs Vytex vs Provia

#1 Post by 5DH »

I’ve narrowed my search down to three quotes, I live in the mid Atlantic region.

Okna 500 Deluxe: $22,000
Vytex Fortis: $16,500
ProVia Aspect: $19,000

All window three installers are highly recommended both online reviews and neighbors who have used them.

I had gone into this preferring the Okna but I just don’t think its slight performance edge over the Vytex is worth such a significant jump in price. I’ve more or less eliminated the ProVia because I expected that product to be the low quote and it is worse on the spec sheet than the others (for example only single strength glass as well, others are double).

A couple other considerations:
1. We have many tall windows (72”) and some triple/quad window openings.
2. I realize all glass will be LowE these days but we really want to minimize any glass that is too dark or turning the light green coming in. My wife is an artist and lots of natural light matters.

Am I correct in choosing the Fortis here or are there considerations I am not thinking of? What questions should I ask the Vytex company if I proceed, like about spray foam installation or about options from the manufacturer? Thank you!

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Re: Okna vs Vytex vs Provia

#2 Post by TheWindowNerd »

I would suggest looking at the Okna 800DXor 600DX.
In Vytex look at the HP Potomac.

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Re: Okna vs Vytex vs Provia

#3 Post by Ricknez »

Vytex make a very good window, both the fortis and Potomac. We also like their patio door.

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Re: Okna vs Vytex vs Provia

#4 Post by HomeSealed »

I'd agree with TWN, opting for the strongest model from the manufacturer of your choice would be wise given the large sizes.

Okna makes an outstanding window, Vytex is very good as well. You are right IMO to eliminate the Provia, it's not on the same level.

As far as your choice here, my main concern is the outlier pricing that you seem to have on the Vytex option. While that is attractive to yo uI'm sure, it typically doesn't bode well for you if it is in fact thousands lower than the mean when it comes to higher end products from reputable companies.

How many windows do you have and what are the options? If you said 15 or 16, I'd say okay the Vytex sounds decent then and the others may be toward the higher end of the range. If 20+, knowing costs and what it takes to run a sustainable business in this industry, the Vytex dealer is of greater concern at that point IMO.

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Re: Okna vs Vytex vs Provia

#5 Post by Windows on Washington »

Is the only difference the product?

What about the companies installing the given product choices? If you aren't assigning any value calculation to that, you aren't taking the entirety of the project into consideration.

I don't think the Provia makes the cut in this comparison, but the Vytex and Okna, depending on the installer comparo, is worthy of looking at.

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