Okna 700 Casement Windows Issues

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Re: Okna 700 Casement Windows Issues

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No window can prevent condensation. It's always going to be one of the coldest spots in your home, more specifically the bottom edge of the glass. What's pictured looks completely normal for a 15 degree day even with triple pane glass. The moisture in your home is just a tick high for the glass temperature. Run your bath exhaust fan for an hour before bed and it will likely disappear.
Windows aren't all that complex, there's really nothin there that could be a product defect to cause this.
Been around this business a long time, I can assure you that there's no issue and this won't and can't go anywhere. Don't overthink this.

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Re: Okna 700 Casement Windows Issues

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Thanks Uncle Eddie for your very reasonable reply! Much appreciated.

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Re: Okna 700 Casement Windows Issues

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Great advice as always. That corner will be cold where it's bridged and where the air will want to collect. Did you get the window fitment checked? Very easy to adjust the hardware for proper square.

That 42% on the one readout is definitely too high if that was when you had the middle teens temps.

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