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St Pete, FL
New PGT ( manufacturer) windows and sliding doors last week
2 stationary windows; 1 sliding door in the center
Window location is 60 ft from Tampa Bay.
2nd floor

PGT provides tabs or brackets on the sides of the total assembly frame to secure the wondow/door frame assembly to the building.

Upon inspection, I discovered that:

1. taper head deck type screws were used to go into a NONcountersunk hole in the attachment bracket....the wrong screws

2. the screws were inserted at a slight angle....guessing 15 or 20 degrees

3. the screws are NOT stainless. The screws are apparently treated like deck screws with a weatherproof coating.

4. the screws are NOT run down tight to the tab - they are 1/4 to 3/8 inch up from and away from the securing tab surface ( on all 4 of the window/door assembles)

Each of these items are making me uncomfortable
with my install.

With a hurricane wind slamming these 3 sliding door/window assemblies, I am less than confident I have all the resistance I should have to keep the weather out of my dwelling.

In any case, I am thinking the assemblies are not installed correctly.

Would appreciate any thoughts on my 4 install issues mentioned above.

Many thanks.

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Re: Installation

#2 Post by TheWindowNerd »

You seem to understand what should be done.
Ask the contractor to do it correctly.
Sounds like you think they should use pan head SS screws. What is the PGT install spec for your product and region?
If you are sure the install is deficient and the contractor will not address the issues: contact the MFG about warranty concerns, contact local buildlng enforcement, contact state licensing.

Is the installer a PGT dealer, certified installer?

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