help with balance systems

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help with balance systems

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I need to know about balance systems. I am looking at a Winstrom Vinyl window and it has a block and tackle balance system. Is that a good system? Is it better than the spring coil balance sytem? I see a lot of information out there about the glass packs and the spacers but not about the balance system which actually moves the window up and down. Anybody have info for me? I am looking at Winstrom, Champion, Guilkey, and AireTite. Winstrom is the only one with a block and tackle and they are coming in at a good price. Thanks for your help!


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stainless steel constant force is the most reliable.
Block and tackle is better than the spiral balance.

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there is no way to answer this question responsibly without knowing the manufacturer of each balance system you are looking at. not all balance systems are the same. if it was that easy all windows would be the same everyone would just keep putting different names on them. oops i forgot a lot of companies already do this.

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With a population of 1 million in our service area last year we replaced 5 block and tackle balances (Caldwell) and 3 coil spring balances ( Caldwell). The year before we replaced 2 block and tackle balances and zero coil balances. 8 years ago we simply stopped replacing spiral balances altogether as we were getting calls, several per month, for spiral balances.

Gorell has the nicest coil balance I have seen. If the balance is the determining factor buy a Gorell window.

Point to make- just stay away from spiral balances.

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