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Wood Replacement Windows

Replacement windows made of wood are a very popular choice of material. However, most of the wood windows sold, for replacement purposes, are actually, clad windows. What this means is the window has been covered, on the exterior only, with a material that is usually either vinyl or aluminum. The reason for this is to reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep the exterior of the window in good shape. Wood, left to the elements, will need periodic painting and eventually will degrade and begin to rot. By covering the window with an impervious material, the window will be much better equipped to withstand rain, and the effects of damaging UV rays emitted by the sun.

The question might be then why not just install vinyl windows and avoid all that. The answer is many consumers prefer the aesthetic look of wood windows for the interior of their homes. In addition, even though the window may be clad, it will better resemble a traditional wood window from the exterior than a full vinyl product.

It may surprise you to know that a high quality wood replacement window can very well be more expensive than a vinyl one. Many people assume that windows made of wood will be cheaper than those made of other man made materials. The big question you want to ask yourself prior to shopping is if wood is a viable option for you due to maintenance concerns. If it is not, then you can eliminate that and reduce the pool, or amount of products you need to look at in order to make the best decision.