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Author: GCV

Seeking vinyl windows in DC area

Posted At: 2004-10-04 16:20:22

We've gotten two bids to replace more than 20 windows with vinyl, double paned. And of course, the prices are dramatically different; for example, one averages $350/window installed, with grids. The other one's average about the same per window cost but adds $180/window for installation and adds $70/window for grids.
The one highly rated company recommends American Jewel 3000 series, manufactured by Dayton Technologies (from what I can tell, is in the Mid-atlantic region). The other company, which installed windows last year for a friend and is a subsidiary of a local utility co., uses Vytex-manufactured vindows. Vytex is based in Maryland.
What does anyone know about those manufacturers? And should I be looking at other manufacturers at this price point?

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Author: Bill
In Reply To: Seeking vinyl windows in DC area (posted by GCV)

RE: Seeking vinyl windows in DC area

Posted At: 2004-10-04 21:07:19

Some info on American Jewel:
They are manufactured by American Jewel Dayton is the extruder AJ is a small New Jersey based fabricator we at one time sold their best double hung window as our low end and we have since stopped selling a low end product. I do remember their casement being pretty good.

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