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Maintaining Transom
A homeowner is looking to replace windows but maintain the transoms that are connected to the top of each window. The aesthetics of the transom are something they really like. Is this something that is feasible while still remaining affordable? The pros have some thoughts about what's involved Check it out here!
New Construction Window Brands
This professional is building a new construction home and is looking for advice on which new construction windows will bring the most value into the home. After looking at Okna, Sunrise Restorations, Timberland, and Homeguard - it seems they all boast most of the same specifications and features. Do our pros prefer one of these brands? Is there a better options for the same price range?
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Replacing Damaged Basement Window
Well this is an interesting case! A homeowner's dog shattered a basement window, and now the homeowner needs to replace the glass that was once there. Is it possible to just replace the glass, or will a full replacement need to be done? Our prose advise!
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Top 100Window Gas
Ever wonder why your windows are filled with Argon and Kryton? What exactly is an IGU infill, and why does it benefit you? Our resident expert, Oberon, chats about IGU infill and its impact on energy efficiency.

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Soft-Lite Imperial LS
Rating 4
"Had the double pane argon windows installed in July of 2002. One of the seals on double paned window broke. I was nervous about "Lifetime Warranty." To my pleasant surprise the glass will be replaced at no charge" -KAK,OH

"I chose these over Gorell 5130 for the beefier sill and the reinforcement in the meeting rail. Double-pane, argon, SuperSpacer. Overall, I am very pleased with their summer performance " -Michael, KY
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Window World Windows
Rating 3.25
"Junky windows with laminated fiber trim that falls apart when it gets damp. So drafty that you can feel the wind blow through." -Markell

"I have used this company for replacement windows on several houses that have for rentals. They have stood behind there product and the installation have always been performed to the highest of standard. ." -Jim, OH

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