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Author: Brian

Gorell vs Winstrom

Posted At: 2004-10-06 02:05:02

Hi everyone,

I can't find too much info on Winstrom, so I thought to ask how they compare to Gorell windows. I have two quotes: Winstrom conserve series= double pane, super spacer, full screens, argon filled, low e coating...Gorell 5300 series= double pane, intercept spacer, full screens, argon filled, low e coating... Pricing is identical for these two companies. They are both coming in at $5300 installed for 12 windows. The Winstrom guy uses spray foam insulation and caulk. The Gorell guy uses capping on the outside. Should I be concerned with the difference in installation methods?
Which one would you chose and why? Thank you in advance for any opinions or advice that you can give.


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Author: wvuguy
In Reply To: Gorell vs Winstrom (posted by Brian)

RE: Gorell vs Winstrom

Posted At: 2004-10-06 02:33:50

I got a look-see at the Winstrom during my recent search, and personally found it to be a rather unremarkable product. As a result, they weren't one of my final three choices.

Of course, my lukewarm (at best) reaction happens to fly in the face of the dealer I visited.....who's been carrying Winstrom for >25 well as some industry-types around here who seem to think highly of the line.

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