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Week of April 22, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Window Removal, Wrap and Replacement Cost
One member is looking to have old windows removed, disposed of, and have the surrounding wood replaced. Quotes for big brands like Okna, Soft-Lite and Sunrise have been given between $9,700 and $11,000 for 13 windows. Do our experts think this is a good deal? Read More >>
Affordable, Durable, and Reliable Double Hung Window Recommendations
A member is looking to replace 16 windows with durable and reliable windows, without the high price tag of premium brands. Soft-Lite quoted $8,500 and Thermal Industries quoted $11,400. Which option is going to be the right fit? Read what our experts think. Read More >>
Vinylmax E100 vs. Gorell 8300
A member is replacing 30 year old Anderson windows with either Vinylmax or Gorell windows. What do our experts recommend? Should this member invest in these brands, or look elsewhere? Read More >>

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Desiccant: How the inside of your windows stay dry.
Even a tiny bit of moisture trapped between the panes will cause a certain amount of fogging inside the IG, even if the seal is intact. The desiccant will absorb that moisture and prevent potential fogging.
Windsor Windows by Windsor Window & Door
Rating 2
"We live in Minnesota and have had ice build up on the inside of the windows. It is not too humid in our home. The ice causes mold on the bottom track of the window. "-Kelli

" Since moving in I've installed the screens and have found many issues with the windows, 6 of them have issues with staying open including 2 that plummet once unlocked. " - ToesNoes

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Infinity by Marvin Window & Door
Rating 4
"We had Marvin Infinity Windows installed on all our front windows this week. We loved them in the showroom, but like them better installed. I would recommend them to anyone." - Dale

"The product is superb and the fact that I could stain the interior to match my existing wood was a great plus. Once you compare, I don't think there is any other choice for quality and price." - Ron, NY

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