Price Ranges vs. Low-End, Mid or High-End Window Quality

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Price Ranges vs. Low-End, Mid or High-End Window Quality

#1 Post by AtlantaSR » Fri Nov 19, 2004 12:24 pm

Hi. I'm in Atlanta.
I just received a quote for 6 double-hung windows. My living room window sizes are fairly large: five are 36x48, one window is 48x48.

My quote is from Dixie HomeCrafters. They are the 2nd largest company, w/offices in ATL, Charlotte (NC) , Memphis & Nashville, Asheville (NC), Greenville (SC), and Philadelphia.

The salesperson says their windows are made by Gorell. From looking at Gorell's website, I believe this window is most like Gorell's 5300 series (same features) but upgraded with Triple Panes, easy-clean coating.

They first quoted me $6000 (everything/installed).
Then they "knocked it down" to $4000. That means i'd be paying $650+ each window, although they are large ones.

I understand that there are many variables in pricing custom installed windows.

What I'm looking for is a ballpark range, a statement to give me an idea what I'm looking at. For instance "low-quality custom replacement windows, average size, installed, should run no more than $300 each" or "if you are paying above $600 per window you better be getting top of the line on all features"

I don't need the Cadillac of windows, but I don't want the crappiest ones, either. I didn't intend on spending more than $400 a window, for a mid-range option, but after having 3 different demos and estimates, I am wondering if I was completely off base. Can anyone give me their thoughts on average pricing per window?

I'd also welcome any comments on Dixie Home Crafters or Gorell...?

Much appreciated!

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#2 Post by northatlanta » Wed Dec 01, 2004 1:09 pm

Did you ever get a reply?

I received a quote for both the Gorell 5100 and 5300. For a 36 x 73 window, the quotes were $554 and $628. Glass was AC Master double pane

This was very low pressure sales situation. The salesman spent 1 and a half hour going through the features, left me a pricing schedule, product lit, reference letters etc. Told me to call him back after I had a chance to review.

Looking at this Board, those prices sound rich. But the windows quoted in most posts are smaller than mine.

Would appreciate any advice...

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