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Welcome to, the oldest window forum on the internet! was started in 2000 with the idea that an open forum could provide a great place for consumers to get information on replacement windows in a stress free manner. We all know purchasing new windows for your home can be a difficult process that may entail high pressure tactics by seasoned sales people.

With that in mind our forum allows home owners to post questions to reputable and knowledgeable window installers free from any worries about sales pitches or visits to your home. The professionals that post on our board have been with us since the beginning and we rely on their expertise and unbiased opinions.

Registering to participate on the board is easy, free and comes with no obligations or commitments. We do not ask for your phone number, address, what your looking for or any other information. We do ask for your email address in order to activate your account.

If you have any questions here is our contact information;
East Greenwich, Rhode Island