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Overall quality: 2
Locks: 3
Balance System: 3
Warranty: 2

May 6th 2017 at 12:37 pm

Window Comments

1) Windows seem OK in terms of thermal insulation 2) Windows are very poor in terms of sound insulation - much worse than our prior windows. They seem to magnify the sound coming in from outdoors and have created this constant ringing / humming inside our home. We have contacted installer and Sunrise about this multiple times. They do not acknowledge this as a legitimate issue. I have gone to neighbors' homes with the same windows we used to have, just to make sure i'm not losing my mind. I'm not. it's so bad, i can't sleep at night, even with ear plugs. 3) the optional optiview screens that we upgraded on are extremely poor in quality. multiple times, they arrived damaged because they are so flimsy and delicate. the company did replace those. however, the locks to remove the screens in order to clean the windows are flimsy and get "stuck". these have already broken on a couple windows and we are having problems getting an acceptable response from Sunrise or the installer. We are VERY disappointed that this very significant investment in our home has not gone well. We did significant research on these windows - i am disappointed there is not more easily found information out there on the important difference between thermal insulation and sound insulation. my pain...i understand this, but none of the info i found before ever touched on this. it was all about wood, versus vinyl, versus fiberglass, etc.... We finally went with Sunrise because it's one of the few with a lifetime warranty. Well...let me tell you...a warranty is only good if the company is willing to listen and treat "customer" first on their lack of satisfaction and belief in issues.

Window Grade: 2.5
Install Comments

Installed by 21st Century Windows of MI

Install Grade: 2.0
Price Information


Overall quality: 5
Locks: 4
Balance System: 5
Warranty: 4

July 2nd 2013 at 6:01 pm

Window Comments

A beautiful slim replacement window with good energy efficiency ratings. All windows function properly and are of good quality.

Window Grade: 4.5
Install Comments

Installed by Tailer Made Windows of MI

Excellent company efficient and clean.

Install Grade: 4.0
Price Information

$3100 for 9 windows installed 3 weeks after quote.

Overall quality: 4
Locks: 3
Balance System: 2
Warranty: 5

March 4th 2012 at 9:48 pm

Window Comments

Locks uneven top n bottom. Seems a little lightwieght in frame. Also glass is thin expensive windows as well

Window Grade: 3.5
Install Comments

Installed by see thru windows and doors of MD

Install Grade: 4.0
Price Information

7500 for eight windows. 2 were larger windows at 73 x 56 inch

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