Okna 400 vs. Okna 500

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Okna 400 vs. Okna 500

#1 Post by Longo »

I have been getting a few quotes for replacement windows and the lowest so far is, double hung Okna 400, $399 installed and $575 for the 500 series. Delux package is an extra $50, which I will get.
What I am asking is the 500 series far superior than the 400 series for me to spend the extra money?
I am also doing casements 700 series, $499 installed plus $50 for Delux package. Awnings $489 and Twin Casements $899.
I am sure whichever window series I use will be a night and day difference to what I have now, but just want input if I should go for the extra money and is it worth it and will I even notice any difference?

Thanks all in advance, great forum!

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Re: Okna 400 vs. Okna 500

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Go with the 500 deluxe if you can. The 500 with the energy package is also good.

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Re: Okna 400 vs. Okna 500

#3 Post by HomeSealed »

Good windows (500), but these are 2010 prices. That is below raw cost for the window and a qualified installation in my neck of the woods, not to mention the ancillary materials (coil, caulk, foam, shims, etc), and all overhead expenses and profit. Even a guy doing side jobs with a "tail light warranty" should be more than this these days... Major red flags IMO. Keep in mind, this industry is always in the top 2-3 for BBB complaints, and the vast majority are people choosing a cheap option that was too good to be true.

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