Help with replacement window

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Help with replacement window

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I accidentally broke the glass on my bedroom window and can’t find a replacement window. No one seems to know what brand this window is. The house was built in 2004. I think they are Integra Vinyl from hours and hours of searching windows on the internet. The sticker on the bottom of the window is attached. Please help.

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Re: Help with replacement window

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You can reglaze the window.
Take out the old glass put in new glass.
measure with, height and thickness of glass, call a glass shop order new, remove glazing bead, deglaze, cleansash rabbit,
back bed with white or clear silicone, drop in glass, reapply glazing bead.

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Re: Help with replacement window

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Have you called Integra as well? Was the home part of a track build in a given area? Have you asked any neighbors?

Thankfully, as TWN mentioned, you can just de-glaze and re-glaze and replace the IGU.

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