Installers that manufacture their own window

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Installers that manufacture their own window

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Y’all helped me with my last questions about unknown/smaller brands, and now I’ve got another question.

There’s a window company in Nashville that manufactures their own windows. Uses cardinal glass, energy star, nfrc certified, verified by Tennessee Valley Authority for energy efficiency etc.


U factor: .29
Shgc: .21
VT: .49
Condensation resistance: 56

Here’s the brochure: ... uardXT.pdf

The company has been around for 30 years, and has a strong recommendation base, and they have a strong track record of putting in windows that last.

Why don’t I want to go with them?

I’ll be honest, in my last thread I got scared away from the higher end windows because I don’t want to pay that high cost, and then have to pay for upgrades to make sure they work right. All the installers around me that carry the brands you recommend have only been in business for 5 years or so.

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Re: Installers that manufacture their own window

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U-Factor numbers are kind of just, "OK", but Cardinal does make some good glass.

Can you get some air infiltration numbers on them?

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Re: Installers that manufacture their own window

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This strikes me as a local boutique mfg. Which can be great for you.
As Eric said .29U not great, and no mention of AL means it is not great.
The foamed in place extrusions can be a problem for QC.
I only see one model DH, they should have 2 or 3.
But if the price and the other things line up for you, why not.


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