Coil trim?

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Coil trim?

#1 Post by MattFoCo »

This forum was great helping us find windows. Now I need help with the outside trim.

The windows just got installed. They look great. They started to install the outside trim, but then we stopped everything. We told them ever so long ago that the outside trim all needed to be replaced. A lot of the brick molding is falling apart and the wood trim is fairly beat up as well. They said they had this great new product. It was made of aluminum. It's maintenance free. It's hail proof. It will look just like the existing trim except we'll never have to paint it. The product is by Mastic. The box says Striated PVC. (I think that means there's a really thick coat of PVC paint on an aluminum sheet of metal, but I'm not sure.)

They put it on one window and to be honest I am less than impressed. I'd really like to hear people's experience with this stuff. Here are my concerns:

1) It's just a friction fit. I live pretty close to Wyoming. It gets windy and I'm not sure this stuff will stay in place. I can easily pull it out. Will it stay in place? Will calk hold it in?

2) Right now it only replaces the brick molding. When we asked about covering all the trim the installers said it is not as rigid if it has to span a large area. There's a warning on the box about not mixing this stuff with "dissimilar metals," like nails? So how would this stuff be adhered to the house if there's no place for a friction fit? Just curious, but does this stuff expand and contract? If so, I can't imagine how to adhere it to the old trim. I can see calking getting torn off. Am I wrong?

3) How do the ends of the channels they make get sealed? They are open. I suppose they can be calked but now we have to paint that. One of the goals was not to paint anything. It might look okay on the upstairs windows but I'm not sure about the main floor windows. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you for your patience.

4) The installer said this stuff dents from hail. I read the warranty and it most certainly does because they won't cover anything more than what our insurance will cover and will not even cover our deductible. As labor intensive as this stuff is to put in, to replace it looks just as expensive. If wood trim gets hail damage we just repaint it and it looks fine. What does hail do to this stuff?

We got 200' of 24" wide coil. If I add up all the window border lengths (2* sum(width+height) there is close to 300' needed. I have no idea how wide of a piece is needed to go from the window out to cover a 6" space between the window and the edge of the old trim. My guess is that's enough to do the bigger width.

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Re: Coil trim?

#2 Post by toddinmn »

The existing wood being covered needs to be fairly sound and secure.
The aluminum needs to be secured with the proper nails. The nails should be placed so they are not easily seen. .
What are the end of the channels you speak of?
You would need to replace the aluminum if it became dented.
This great “new”product has been around for quite some time and is a nice product if done correctly.

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Re: Coil trim?

#3 Post by Ricknez »

What they are doing is totally normal and the most
common practice. The wood being weathered is fine if capped with aluminum as long as it isnt rotted ( soft ).
I also think that product is fairly new. Unless they specifically stated in the contract ( not verbal ) that they would be removing trim, they seem to be doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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Re: Coil trim?

#4 Post by TheWindowNerd »

So what does your contract say about the hail proof nature of this new wiz bang stuff?
It is not new or wiz bang. Unfortunately there was a comunication error on both the buyers and sellers part.
Being firction fit and caulked properly will withstand huricanes. Notice I said properly. I have some concer about that based on how the sales went down.

Aluminum or SS nails are compatible to the trim coil. NO face nails.

The ends can be tabbed and boxed.

Even if you used .050 commercial grade sheet aluminum it will dent from hail. The stuff they are using is like a beer can, easy to dent. But PVC will handle it better than smooth, by a lot.


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Re: Coil trim?

#5 Post by toddinmn »

Would like to see a pic of the window they did. A bad aluminum wrap can really make a job look like crap, even seen many jobs that had decent wraps look like hell from a bad caulk job. I think it’s a great product and put it on my house, I do prefer smooth coil over the PVC coated , but that is merely a personal preference based on visual appearance.

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Re: Coil trim?

#6 Post by HomeSealed »

As the other guys said, this is pretty standard stuff, its the way that probably 80%+ of replacement windows are finished on the exterior.

Couple thoughts:

1) What does your contract say about this?
2) Pics would help for better feedback as to the details of the install

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