Slim frame: Dong Young vs Amsco restoration series

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Slim frame: Dong Young vs Amsco restoration series

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We're replacing all windows in our 20 years old 3 story townhouse (Houston, TX). We have builder grade double pane now but some of them won't open properly and some of them have seal failure. Our main concern is noise cancellation and thin frame look (we have N and S facing walls but huge oak tree on the S side, so very shady, not much direct sun). We looked at cheaper options like Window World and they all have terribly thick frame in all dimensions. So we went with the fancier companies. We got several quotes from different companies for different windows and they're all in the price range (around 10k for 10 windows). In terms of style we like Amsco Restoration series (it looks almost exactly like what we have now). And the shop gives us life time limited warranty on them and their work. The other company recommended to go with Don Young instead but I can't see much of the details about those windows in their quote. Their quote for Sierra Pacific is detailed but we don't quite like the style that frame. And this shop only offers 2 year warranty on their job. Any recommendations? I guess I just want to know what are the pros and cons for Amsco and DY? Another representative told us that DY are like dinosaurs, their products are not "modern" though reliable... I don't know who to trust... Commets are much appreciated!

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Re: Slim frame: Dong Young vs Amsco restoration series

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The south Texas heat is hard on vinyl windows, vinyl siding, vinyl patio furniture, etc.... If you’re going to go with vinyl, you’d better choose a well built product, and that typically means a window with more substance or structure to it. While many like the narrow frame that Amsco offers, it is way too flimsy for use in this environment.

Don Young’s vinyl window is a bit dated, but I would choose it over Amsco, for the reason stated previously. Don Young’s thermally-broken (thermally improved) line of aluminum windows are my preferred product, and it offers the narrower frames you prefer but without compromising the structural integrity of the window.

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