Replacement windows for a house built in 1900

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Replacement windows for a house built in 1900

#1 Post by Jaybirdnwa »

I have an older house (121 years old) that I am renovating (acquired from a family member). I am looking to replace 16 windows.

After renovation, I'm unsure whether I'm going to keep this house as an investment property of sale it. I am researching windows and this has been the more frustrating part of this whole process - to talk with window salesmen and to decide on which windows to go with.

So far, I have talked with windows for less and Champion. Windows for less has an attractive price but the quality just doesn't seem to be there. Champions windows quoted a price of $33,000 and then settled on a price of $12,900.00. The windows they were selling didn't look any better than what windows for less was trying to sell me.

I am not looking to replace with the most expensive window, but don't want the cheapest either. I want a good, solid window with a lifetime warranty that will be hassle-free.

Please help with your suggestions and I thank you all in advance. The house is in Southwest Missouri.

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Re: Replacement windows for a house built in 1900

#2 Post by Randy »

Wow, Champion dropped their shorts on that one!

Look for Sunrise, Soft-lite or Polaris dealers that service your area. They probably won't be less than the Champion price, but they'll be a better window, and hopefully won't play such ridiculous pricing games with you.

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Re: Replacement windows for a house built in 1900

#3 Post by Windows on Washington »

I couldn't, in good faith, deal with a company that reduced their price by over 60%.

That is insane. Listen...there are reasons and rationales to drive the price on a unit down, but never remotely approaching 60%.

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Re: Replacement windows for a house built in 1900

#4 Post by toddinmn »

I have to agree , But it I have a problems with Any company playing number games weather it is 5% percent a 179 % if they sign right now. IMO it’s just not
right to do that to a person. If us contractors dealt with our subs or suppliers we would just not deal with them. I have always aced any company that has dealt with me in this way. If they bring their discounts up front and propose the Discounted figure right away,then I’m fine as long it it is not tied to a sign today deal. Regardless I’d pass on Champion because they are Champion.

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