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Replacement Windows

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I was recently told by a salesperson in my home demonstration of a triple pane gas filled window that his window exclusively was filled with a mixture of three different gases making his window superior to anyone elses. I can't remember the names of the other two gases but my question is: Is it true that there is a window with three gases and if so who makes it, and is it a quality product. His demonstration with a heat lamp comparing his window with a competitors double pane was quite impressive. The latches and hinge/tilt items were also according to him made of Lexan which he said would not become brittle with age.

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You just had a salesman throwing everything he could to get you to sign on the bottom line, and I'll bet his prices were pretty high. A lot of mfrg's mix gases, sf6 being one of the most common other than of course argon and krypton. The bottom line your looking for is what is the total unit u-value and if his is so special why are his #'s probably the same as everyone else using triple pane in their presentation. Keep shopping and I'll bet you find other units priced below his with the same #'s.

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Re: Replacement Windows

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Just installed these. It will cost more than normal ones. A triple pane gas filled window is a type of window that is designed to provide superior insulation. It consists of three panes of glass that are separated by a gas-filled space. This type of window is often used in commercial and industrial buildings, as it can provide a high level of insulation against both heat and cold.

triple pane gas filled windows are typically more expensive than other types of windows, but they can provide significant energy savings over time with lexan sheets. If you are considering this type of window for your home or business, be sure to compare the costs and benefits before making a final decision.
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Re: Replacement Windows

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What window did you put in?

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