Looking for good Michigan area windows

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Looking for good Michigan area windows

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We are remodeling and adding an addition to our existing house, so need to new construction windows. We had looked at Pella Designer series, but are now concerned due to not-so-favorable ratings and reports from multiple source. Now we are trying to figure out who has high quality, dependable windows in our area. What trustworthy smaller companies are out there that have a good product, good warranty, and good customer service?

We are going to look at Marvin windows this weekend, but would like some other options. We don't really like Anderson. Either clad wood or fiberglass are options for us.

Has anyone used a smaller company available here in Michigan, with a good experience and good windows?

We have to decided soon so they can be ordered- we are at the beginning of a construction project and are in the midst of hiring a new contractor.


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