identifying old sealed unit (Low e?)

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identifying old sealed unit (Low e?)

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I have some 32 year old Andersen windows with double pane glass units. I am trying to determine if they had a low e coating. The etchings on the glass are


Thanks for any insight.


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Re: identifying old sealed unit (Low e?)

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IGMAC-Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association of Canada

R-PLUS a trade name for LoF Pyrolytic Low-E coating.
Listing the coating as "Low-E" is also characteristic of a hard (pyrolytic) coating.

In 2005, glass manufacturers introduced the modern, state-of-the-art low-e coatings, which feature three layers of silver and multiple layers of dielectric material in over 12 layer stacks as thin as 300 nanometers.

WPG might stand for Winnipeg

Manufactured in 1989

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