triple panes, what a pain!

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triple panes, what a pain!

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can someone please advise me whether all triple glazed windows are comparable. shuco,alside, gorell etc. pricewise, quality wise, warranty etc. i am in the new york city area. my job involves 31 double hung. 5 fixed, and three geometric windows.
thanks for any help or advice and happy holidays.

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Most triple glazed windows are pretty comparable when it comes to their U-factors but differ in many other ways. Many of the same concerns should apply as with double-panes but with a few additional areas to watch. Triple panes will be heavier so pay close attention to overall construction, engineering and hardware (check DP ratings). Also, you may want to pay a little more attention to the spacers and seals used as triple panes will have twice the opportunity for premature seal failures and gas loss. All three will offer warranties for seal failures described as "obstruction of vision", but keep in mind that heavy use of desiccants will keep the glass from fogging in lieu of failed seals until after the warranty period. This does not cover leakage or loss of insulating gas. Depending on your dealers, you will find that those you mentioned will be pretty close in price. Good luck.

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