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Week of March 25, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Okna or Slocomb Windows?
One member received a quote for Slocomb ProTech 177 windows. At $9400 for 20 windows, the price is lower than Okna. Is it worth it to go for the name brand? What do our experts think about Slocomb? Read More >>
New window shopper lost in all the options
A member is looking for new windows, and has been researching brands including the following: Anlin Monte Verde, Alside Fairfield 70 Series, Milgard Style Line, Ply Gem Premier, Simonton Verona. Which windows will work best for this member? See what our experts recommend. Read More >>
Certain Teed, Eco Sheild, or Home Depot Windows
A member is looking to install replacement windows and has received quotes for these three brands. Are they high quality? Should our member look elsewhere? See what our experts say. Read More >>

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

IGU Filling: Why is Argon important to you and your windows?
There are a couple of different ways to fill an IGU with argon. The vacuum method is not the most widely used and it is not cheap...the cost for development and equipment runs into the millions of one may ask why make that investment for something that is not reliable – for including a product that is going to fail? For something that can be done for much less money and for something that people may not even want because it may be a waste of money?
Valusmart by Polaris
Rating 3
"I had prices ranging from $8000 to $18000+. Admittedly, some windows were a bit better, but for the range of prices, I believe some people are way out of line "-Joe, OH

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Encore Windows by Seaway
Rating 5
"I was real happy with the windows from Seaway. We got Encore. They are real easy to clean and I noticed a difference in the bills. very satisfied." - Dana

"I installed the Encore series windows from Seaway after researching many different brands and seeing the windows installed in several co-workers homes. They were all very happy with the windows." - Dave, VT

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