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Week of February 3, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Looking for a fair price on 30 New windows after a condo fire?
After a fire, this condo-owner has to replace 30 windows. A dealer has quoted $35,000 for all 30 windows to be replaced with new Polaris UltraWeld. While the condo-owner may be shocked at the price tag, do our experts think this is a competitive deal? Read More >>
$15,760 for 16 Double-Hung windows in Mass
This home-owner has doubts if the quoted $15,760 is a reasonable price or not. Is this a "good" price for a new window installation? See what our experts have to say about this quote, and whether or not it's worth the money. Read More >>
Air Infiltration in Pella Windows - How do you fix it?
After resolving many service calls with their Pella Windows, this homeowner is now experiencing drafts around the edges of these four and a half year old windows. Is there an easy solution to resolve this issue, or are new windows in order? See what this user can do to keep warm in this could New England winter.

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Window ChoicesAre PGT Windows Necessary?
What exactly are PGT windows, and are they necessary in every neighborhood? Read our post by the resident-expert, Oberon. He'll go into depth about PGT windows and when they are important to consider.
Imperial LS by Soft-Lite Windows
Rating 4
"Overall I love the Soft-Lite windows. I had all of my windows replaced 22 in all. I was worried about the price but after they were all in I believe they are worth it. The windows open easily, are easy to clean and my wife loves the ability to open both top and bottom sash at the same time. I have noticed a big savings in my utility bill." -Robert, WI

"Disappointed in windows, ice on the inside in winter and continue to find foreign matter between the panes (human hair, debris, etc.) Not what we bargained for.." -FFEngine23, WI

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Fibrex Frame by Renewal By Andersen
Rating 3
"I am ashamed to say. I thought I was getting superior product; and it is an average product, at best " -Valerie Russell, TX

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