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Week of May 12, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

White Color Choices and Dimensional Grids...
This homeowner is looking to replace 18 windows in a 1968 home. While it's been decided that Vinyl is the preferred material, the bright white color doesn't sit well with the appearance of the home. What brands offer more off-white or cream colors? Is there a way to paint these windows? Are dimensional grids going to bring the quotes way over budget? Our experts chime in! Read More >>
Structural Integrity Number - Not Available?
A homeowner is searching for new windows and has encountered an installer who says Structural Ratings and AI Ratings are not available. Is there a way to find these numbers for any window? Is this a warning sign that these windows may not be the best choice? See if our experts have any advice for this shopper! Read More >>
Soft-Lite Triple Pane vs Pella 250 Series
These homeowners are replacing all the original builder-installed windows in a home. They've narrowed the choices down to Soft-Lite Triple Pane and Pella 250 series. As the Pella windows are brand new, they are worried about the quality and longevity. Do our experts have a preference or recommendation? Read More >>

Review the Basics

windowchoicesThe Learning Center
Looking to learn the lingo of replacement windows before shpping? What's a window spacer? Types of materials? Before you start your window shopping experience, check out our Learning Center for all the information you need!
500 Series by Crystal Windows
Rating 3
" I've had these windows in my house for almost two months, so far they have been great. I've ordered these windows with energy efficient package the installer recommended and was told I am qualified for a tax credit. " - Bob H, NY

" I have had the windows for three months and have not had difficulties. I like the mechanism that one can engage to be sure the window only opens a small amount...nice for upper level windows." -CJ, NY

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Plygem Windows
Rating 3
"We had 17 windows installed and think that it was a very professional job. We are pleased with the quality of the product and of the installation. Our neighbors are going to use the same window " -Anonymous

"A month ago, I had all my house windows replaced with Plygem Professional Series windows. Triple-Pane Low e. They look nice. It is alot quieter inside the house now. They seal good, but haven't had any real wind yet to check the seal. " -Mark D, WA

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