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Showcase 200 Series vs Ply Gem 6100 Series
After searching around North East Texas, this homeowner has come up with two solid options for replacement windows. However, are they considered solid for the climate? Should thermally-broken aluminum be considered first, or is Vinyl a good choice? Are these brands quality enough for the high-heats? See what our pros have to say!
Replacing 30 Year-Old Picture Windows
A Pittsburgh homeowner is looking to replace 47"Wx77"H picture windows with a Vinyl picture-window/awning combo, but has been advised by many installers that fiberglass or wood is a much better option because they're stronger. Is this true? Is any opening that size going to be a worry when it comes to strength? Our professionals chime in about materials, build quality, and more.
Are Alside Mezzo and Slocomb Harmony low grade windows?
Originally presented as good windows by a reputable dealer, the Alside Mezzo and Slocomb Harmony windows seem to get generally negative reviews. Are these windows really low quality? Would our professionals recommend them to their window-shoppers? See what they have to say.

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glassWhen should I be worried about scratches on my windows?
Besides being unpleasing aesthetically , scratches on your window can lead to bigger issues. While Industry standards allow windows to come out of production, at what point should you start to worry? Our resident expert, Oberon, goes into detail about scratches in replacement windows.
Sheffield Windows by Alside
Rating 2
" Had 20 windows replaced in my townhouse in 2006 after five years they are still going strong. The windows remain tight and draft free during really cold DC winters " -Krosby, DC

"Terribly drafty. Poor quality. Two sashes have been replaced due to weatherstripping not installed right.. " -Greg

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Harvey Window and Doors Classics
Rating 4
"After all of our research Harvey Classic Window exceeded our expectations. We are so pleased that we chose the Harvey Classic window" -Gouly55, MA

"The north side of the house gets a lot of wind/weather and living by the water they take a beating and are still 100% effective and look fantastic." -Kathy, RI

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