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Simonton Reflections 5500 vs American Jewel 3000
A homeowner is searching for new windows to install in a 32 year-old home in the suburbs of Washington DC. After receiving both quotes, it seems that American Jewel may offer the better model, but our experts advise that the company has gone out of business. Is the Simonton Reflections 5500 a comparable model? Should this homeowner look elsewhere?
Big Box Windows in Iowa?
This Northwest Iowa homeowner is looking to replace 19 windows, hopefully for less than $1000 each. Each window is not a standard size window, is it realistic to expect a sub-$1000 price range for each window? Is buying windows from a big box store like Lowes a good idea? Our pros chime in with their thoughts.
Advice on Bay Window
Replacing windows leaves this homeowner with some questions about what to do with an existing bay window. Not being a fan of having two single hung windows on the sides, it seems the best option would be installing more expensive casement windows on each side. Would installing two single-hung windows instead of the bay window be an affordable option? What do our pros think?

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glassIs double vision a myth?
Laminated glass has it's apparent benefits, like keeping UV rays from entering your home and (when paired with Low-E) increasing energy efficiency and performance. But does it really cause "double vision" when looking through a window? Our expert, Oberon, breaks down exactly how laminated glass can benefit you, and what you should expect to see when looking through it.
Acuweld 3000 Vinyl Windows
Rating 2
" rim and sheetrock is damaged, it appears an extra hole is in window frame from the factory " -Texas5883<, TX/em>

"I have 11 accuweld windows 4 have leaked the gas making it impossible to see out of." -William, IL

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Harvey Window and Doors Classics
Rating 3
"Had 1/2 of my windows replaced in 2006. The windows are very nice quality, but expensive" -Cathy, OR

"Had all the windows replaced in 2009. Haven't noticed a decrease in energy consumption. They look good, but the sash operator doesn't allow the window to open fully (design flaw).." -RL, MI

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