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Replacement Window Spacers

Supercept Spacer System

Just recently, Simonton Windows announced their release of the latest and greatest window spacer manufactured as yet. One of the top window companies, Simonton has guaranteed energy efficiency before in the new construction and replacement windows they offer, but never this strongly:

Unlike the Intercept Spacer System manufactured by PPG, this new Supercept window spacer system is made of stainless steel that is known for its unsurpassed strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, which are all important attributes in a window spacer.


With the new Supercept window spacer system, the purchased replacement window is sure to meet or even surpass the energy requirements for the Energy Tax Credit.

With the new thermal performance requirements established by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 enacted by President Obama, ENERGY STAR promises an Energy Tax Credit, but only if:

  1. The window is purchased for a pre-existing home
  2. U factor of less than or equal to .3
  3. Same for the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient)

Shape and Flex

  1. If a spacer is too stiff, the panes of glass will not always mesh together nicely, and maintain the seal, so that in a sudden or sustained change in temperature, the window will lose all thermal performance promised by its manufacturer.
  2. The Supercept Spacer System has a distinct U-shape that will allow enough flex to keep the seal in all climates, but at the same time, it maintains adequate rigidity so as to ensure thermal performance and temperature control.
  3. This quality is common and required among all spacer systems that call themselves warm edge spacers because there is minimal heat transfer across the window.

To learn more about Supercept Spacers, visit Simonton Windows.