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Replacement Window Spacers

The Swiggle Spacer System

From the Swiggle Web site:
Introduced to the marketplace in 1979, Swiggle Seal offered the industry a dramatic alternative to the conventional aluminum spacer system. By containing its own spacer, sealant and desiccant, Swiggle allowed the manufacturer to use one product to perform the job of several conventional I.G. components. The first flexible I.G. spacer to be marketed as Warm Edge, Swiggle Seal has been in use longer than any other Warm Edge spacer system. Swiggle Seal reduces conductivity of the spacer by 75% compared to aluminum spacer bar, offering superior thermal performance and durability qualities.

 A - Swiggle Seal - the first insulating glass spacer system to be marketed as Warm Edge.

 B - Gray Swiggle Seal - an alternative to standard black that offers an enhanced co-extruded gray coating.

 C - Grooved Swiggle Seal - designed to accommodate a center lite of glass. Grooved has an excellent track record in the demanding decorative window and door market for more than 20 years. This flexible warm edge spacer system offers the manufacturer a fast, simple and cost effective method of producing decorative insulating glass window units.

 D - DS Swiggle - designed for dual seal IG applications using silicone, as with bent glass IG.