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Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl windows represent the largest portion of market share in the replacement window industry. There is a variety of reasons for this all of them contributing to make vinyl the preferred material for windows. Vinyl is a material that can be extruded which is an important attribute. A well built window frame will have a great deal of hollow areas to it. The reason for this is there needs to be adequate width to the frame in order to bridge the thickness of the exterior wall, for the sides top and bottom. If the window were made in a solid fashion it would be overly expensive, be incredibly heavy, and believe it or not would not present with insulating properties as good as air.

In the manufacturing process the frame of a vinyl window is created by extruding raw vinyl into complex shapes and chambers to provide the necessary size and strength. Thus from a manufacturing process stand point vinyl works extremely well.

Another aspect to vinyl is its ability to resist heat transfer. What this means is if it's cold outside the vinyl does a good job of resisting the heat inside your home from being transferred to the out side. Conversely, if you are in a hot area, and are expending money keeping your home cool, vinyl will perform well by keeping that heat out, and the cool in.

The only downside to vinyl is that there is a limitation on color selection. There are windows produced in different colors, but not all manufacturers bother with that, primarily because of concerns regarding fading.