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Week of November 18, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Plygem vs Milgard in Hawaii
This member is looking to at new window options for a home in Hawaii and the contractor has quoted both Milgard and Plygem, but our memeber has not heard of either brand. Which option do our experts think will be the best for this Hawaii home. Read More >>
ICC Distance from Floor Regulations - What are they?
Replacing windows often means more than just installing new windows. There are building codes and regulations about many things, including the "distance-from-floor". Check out this thread for a good overview of the codes, and where exactly to find them. Our experts chime in on some of them as well! Read More >>
Alliance windows - a good choice?
This member is at the final step of replacing windows, but wants a last word on the brand. Is Alliance Windows a good brand? Do they make quality windows for the price? Which windows can our experts recommend as a better option? Read More >>

Review the Basics

Glass SystemsGlass Systems
Float Glass, All-Climate, Low-E! There are many types of window glass for different situations and locations. See which option is best for you in our Glass Systems guide!
Unlimited 2000 Gold Series by Unlimited WI
Rating 2
"Springs on double hung windows constantly pop when opening the windows resulting in the window not staying open. They just fall down. Have had area rep out to the house six times in two years and issue continues. " -Laurie, MI

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Double Hung by Sun-Rise Windows
Rating 3
"Windows look great and all perform well except for one window that was not a standard size. The window is about 1/4 of an inch smaller than the frame. " -JBRAD44, NY

"The windows, since installed in our new home, allowed wind to blow in so much that it knocks our binds so loud we cannot sleep on windy nights." -K. Brandt, MD

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