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Week of January 20, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Moisture Inside: Is this normal?
This homeowner installed a new door by Gorell, but noticed some frost on the inside of the glass! Is this something that should be expected, or is a repair in order? See what our experts think about the door! Read More >>
Fire Code in Apartment Building - What Kind of Windows
This apartment building owner has been told that the egress code requires a change in some of the apartment-building windows. To maintain consistency in the building, along with staying in line with the code, what kind of window is going to be the easiest to paint - Fiberglass or Aluminum? Read More >>
Fixing a gap between the sash and frame
A homeowner has recently had Milgard windows installed, but noticed a small gap between the sash and frame. While a jam jack could fix the issue, would it be worth it to call the original installer? See what our experts think about the severity of the issue.

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Window ChoicesWindow Shopping? What Factors Should You Consider?
"I would suggest that people need to ask themselves why they want to replace their windows. Is it aesthetic? Is it energy performance? Is it maintenance? Is it saving money? All good reasons and newer windows will affect all these questions - and possibly more.".
Infinity by Marvin Windows
Rating 4
"We had Marvin Infinity Windows installed on all our front windows this week. We loved them in the showroom, but like them better installed. I would recommend them to anyone." -Dale, CO

"The windows look like the original windows that were in the house when it was built. Very easy operation, and the best thing is, if I ever have a problem with the windows, the installing company does the repair work also." -Greg, IA

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Windows by Wallside
Rating 3
"I have 3 new Wallside Windows which are made in Michigan, 2 are double hung and also a $4000.00 bow window. Last winter I had solid ice on the inside of my bow window on all five panes, called customer service and that tried to tell me this was normal, 4 months later they finally replace all 5 panes, will have to wait till next winter to see if the problem is fixed. " -Scott, MI

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