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Patio Doors in Pittsburgh
This Pittsburgh window shopper has been given multiple quotes for patio doors that are often recommended on our discussion boards. Originally quoted for Simonton 9800 Patio Doors, the contractor has now offered PGT SGD470 doors for the same price. Both doors come with a lifetime warranty, but which one is actually the better deal? The contractor made the PGT doors sound more desirable, but is this actually the case? Read More >>
Window Replacements in a 1917 Home
This homeowner is in the market to replace 12 windows in a sleeping-porch inside of a 1917 Iowa home. Most commonly suggested brands are not recommended in the Iowa area, so what do our pros think are the best option? Soft-Lite Imperial LS or restoring the old windows? Read More >>

Ply Gem vs Milgard windows in Hawaii
This shopper is building a new home in Hawaii. The home contractor has recommended Ply Gem Windows, but Milgard seems to be the better option. While the price tag may be more expensive on the Milgard windows, does it mean they're really better? Take a look at what our experts have to say about this window show-down! Read More >>

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Hard-Soft CoatingLow-E: Better with a Hard or Soft Coat?
When it comes to the cold winters, every bit of heat gain from your windows is important. There's often a debate of which traps heat the best in terms of Low-E, soft coats and hard coats. Our resident expert, Oberon, dives deep into this topic in a detailed post! Check it out!
Gorell 5300 Windows
Rating 3.25
"We had 17 Gorell 5300 series Double Hung windows installed and couldn't be happier. They are a superior product to every other window we looked at. Some of these negative reviews seem to be with an installer or sales company that has gone out of business. That's not Gorell's fault. " -Anonymous

"Spent a lot of money replacing our windows with Gorell Armour Glass Plus back in 2007. Three windows have since failed and mold is growing between the panes. Installer went out of business and now apparently Gorell is in receiver ship and will not honor their warranty.."" -Angela Rhodes

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Weather Shield Tilt Double Hung Windows
Rating 2
"we built the house 22 years ago. after first year, the condensation was so bad i had to refinish the window. within the first 3 years i had to do it again. " -Mike

"Save yourself some frustration. Purchase a good window (Pella, Anderson, etc.) and have it installed." -Rose

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