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Windows in St. Louis
It can be hard determining when a window quote is fair, and when it's overpriced. This St. Louis homeowner has been quoted from $3000 (Pella Encompass) to $4350 (Pella 350)for five windows installed. Would Champion ($3800 quoted) be a better value, in terms of quality? See what our professionals recommend!
Replacing windows...or just the weather stripping?
Twelve year-old builder-grade windows are starting to let a cool breeze into this homeowner's 2002 construction home. Is it feasible to just repair the faulty weather stripping, or is installing new windows the best option? See what our experts think are going to be the most cost-effective solution for this homeowner!

Removing Screens for Cleaning
This homeowner has noticed the screens in a Dakota Double-Hung window have gotten dirty, and a cleaning could help. Is it possible to remove the screens for easy cleaning? Check out what our experts have to say on screen removal and cleaning best practices.

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self cleaning glassWindow Materials
Have you ever wondered why Vinyl windows are the most readily available? Why Aluminium windows aren't more popular? Why Wood windows are more expensive? Take a look at our guide to window types to learn all about the different materials, their costs, and their benefits! Read More >>
Castle Windows of Monroeville, PA
Rating 2
"We purchased an 8 year old million dollar home with over 120 Lincoln windows. Most of them have rotted, and we have spent thousands of dollars replacing them. Do not buy Lincoln!!!" -Terryfic, IL

" I bought sliding doors and Windows for entire house, Widows are crap, locking is horrible, over all CHEAP construction" -Mike, IN

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Vytex Windows
Rating 4.5
"Soundproof. Heating bill for 2 story ~1800 SF $70-80/mo in MN winters. Gorgeous!!! styling." -Lynn, MN

"In short, excellent design, good but not great execution" Eric, MA

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