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Testing Thermal and Solar Heat Transfer
This homeowner has new Double-Hung windows installed and is looking to test the Solar Heat Gain and U-Factor of the windows. The new windows have started to get very hot when in direct sunlight, and there's an obvious heat radiating off the windows. How can these be tested? What do our professionals recommend? Read More >>
Are Acrylic Windows a good idea?
A curious member is questioning why Acrylic windows aren't more readily available outside of the boat and storm window market. They seem to be cheaper, lighter, stronger, clearer, and offer a better insulation. Are there home-grade windows made of acrylic available to the public, or are there specific reasons manufacturers haven't produced these types of windows yet? Read More >>

Vinyl vs Fiberglass Window Installation
This homeowner is debating between two windows, Marvin Infinity and the Okna 800 series. Before making a decision, some questions about the installation have come up. Is the installation for Fiberglass and Vinyl going to be the same? Are they both weatherized the same? See what our experts have to say about installation, as well as the performance of both of these windows. Read More >>

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self cleaning glassTitanium Dioxide Coating - is it REALLY self-cleaning?
"Self Cleaning Glass", sounds too good to be true, right? Take a look at our in depth explanation of Titanium Dioxide Coating by our resident expert, Oberon. He talks about how exactly a window can be considered self-cleaning, and how it can save you time and energy!
Castle Windows of Monroeville, PA
Rating 3
"Castle makes a great window with an UNLIMITED warranty. Very satisfied with their product and install " -Michael, MD

"Windows are extrememly poor quality. Glass in a large bay window was damaged. Screen was the wrong size in another window. Three of 5 windows needed repair within months of installation."" -Anonymous, PA

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Vytex Windows
Rating 3
"Installed in Aug 2006 Georgetown Series Vytex Casement and Awning Windows through Hallmark Windows. We have been very pleased overall and have saved a ton in utilities over our single paine windows. The cranks have given us some trouble (sticking) but they came and replaced a few without charge." -Dave, MD

"purchased from something visions. very cheap. I see why now. The windows failed inside of 2 months. It took me nearly 4 month to get the company to replace. I called vytex and the wanted me to remove the window myself and bring it in to the factory. thats BS." -McChz

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