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Replacing just the panes, or replacing the whole window?
As the weather gets colder, this Michigan homeowner is noticing some alarming condensation issues. After getting a $4,000 quote, it seems that the cheaper option may be to retrofit and replace the single-pane glass with double-pane glass. All and all, this would make the price of the installation about $1,100. Do our experts think this is a good idea?

Going crazy shopping for windows!
This homeowner is going crazy looking for windows! One contractor recommended Simonton, another recommended Andersen while a third one recommended Polaris Ultraweld or Thermaweld. With important factors like quality, heat containment, and letting in the most amount of light possible - which one of these replacement windows will be the best value? Our experts chime in!
Warped Windows
This homeowner has noticed that eight windows in their home have been letting in light in gaps and cracks when completely closed and locked. Could this be a foundation issues with the home, or is it due to cheaper windows (1996 Builders Choice). Our experts chime in on what exactly the culprit could be!

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self cleaning glassSound Frequencies and Windows
Ever wonder how windows effect the quietness of your home? Oberon talks about the three factors of how sound is created, and softened through the use of window materials. Take a look at this informative post to learn about how windows and which materials block outside noise! Read More >>
Casements, Sliding Doors & French Doors by Andersen Windows
Rating 3.5
"It's good to keep out the heat and cold, but the noise from outside is as if there were no door!" -Karen, CO

"53 casement windows installed and although we went with a higher bid the quality and service was worth the money. The house has a new look inside and out and looks beautiful." -The Herreras, TX

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Crystal 500 Series Windows
Rating 4
"I've had these windows in my house for almost two months, so far they have been great. ." -Bob H, NY

"The window is a basic window without energy efficient qualities. I have had the windows for three months and have not had difficulties" CJ, VA

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