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Drafty Starmark Windows
After suffering a very cold Massachusetts winter, this homeowner noticed some discernible drafts coming in from recently installed Starmark 900 Series windows. It appears the drafts are coming from the weather-stripping, could they have been installed incorrectly? Will this be an easy fix? See what our pros have to say!
DIY Window Installation - Possible?
This homeowner was prepared to do a DIY window installation, but an integrated Brick Mold has created a road block. Does the window need to be replaced with the same kind? Does the vinyl siding need to be removed first? What kind of options are available to make this installation possible, or should this homeowner spend the money and bring in a professional?

Broken Lock on Gorell Double-Hung Window?
This homeowner is having issues with the locking mechanism on one of his five year old Gorell windows. Is this going to be a security issue? Is it something that can be easily fixed? Our experts investigate a little further to see exactly what this lock does, and how our member can resolve the issue!

Review the Basics

self cleaning glassWhat is Pressure Ratings?
Have you ever noticed that your windows are tested for specific wind speeds? Window manufacturers using something called "Pressure Ratings" to verify that your new windows can withstand through heavy wind speeds. What happens if a gust of wind exceeds your windows pressure ratings? How do you know what your window is protected against? Take a look at our informative post by Oberon on Pressure Ratings! Read More >>
Polybau Windows from The Window Broker
Rating 2.25
"poor sealing between top and bottom sash, the seal becomes damaged (it's made of vinyl) and the bottom window will not close properly." -Window Shopper

"We are not even close to the freeway and can hear the freeway through the windows. We were not even informed of "argon" gas for the windows. " -Window Shopper

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Fortis by Vytex Windows
Rating 4.25
"Chose Vytext Fortis due to budgetary reasons since they were relatively inexpensive, and that they were installed in the back of our home, and easy to clean, operate, and look nice.." -Window Shopper, MD

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