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Replacing windows, or replacing the glass?
This homeowner has a unique situation when it comes to fixing cold, drafty, and old aluminum windows. It would be an expensive (up to $11,000) process to replace these drafty aluminum windows with new vinyl windows, and this homeowner isn't ready to give up the cash quite yet. The current aluminum windows are more aesthetically pleasing to this shopper, and it could be a lower cost to install new Triple Pane glass. Which option do our experts think are going to be the most beneficial to this window-shopper? Read More >>
Sunrise Casement Windows in Michigan
After a lot of research and quotes, this homeowner is considering moving forward on Sunrise Casement windows. Though some researched has noted that the windows loosen up after a few years of use. Would it be worthwhile to move up to the Sunrise Restoration windows, or maybe investigate another brand like Soft-Lite? See what our pros have to say!

Best option in the Maryland area for replacment windows? Replace the sashes, Insert new Vinyl Windows, or replace with Wood Windows?
This 1979 has attractive and (still) functional windows, but there is a noticeable transfer of heat and cold when extreme weather happens. The homeowner is debating replacing the windows, and has come up with three viable options. Should they replace the existing sashes with the Renewal By Andersen conversion kit? Or should they keep the existing frames and insert new Vinyl Windows? Or how about doing a full replacement with a quality wood window, which could cost upwards of $24,000? See what our pros think will not only be the most cost effective, but energy efficient and attractive!

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super spacersWhat is Warm Edge Technology?
Did you know that over 25% of a building's heating and cooling loads is attributed to poorly insulated windows? As a homeowner, it's important to know what type of window spacer material is being used on the insulating glass unit (IGU). Learning about Super-Spacer might help you keep control of your home's energy efficiency. Read more about Super Spacers and how they can benefit you and your home! Read More >>
Double Pane Windows by Champion
Rating 4
"Very nice windows." -Jeff, NM

"Before my purchase of Champion windows my electric bill on average billing run between $400 plus; Texas summer tempts 102-110 and higher outside, inside my house the temp 86 and 88 with the air conditioning set at 75-76 continually running. " -Carol B, TX

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Polar Seal Vinyl Replacement Windows
Rating 4
"I have replaced seven old Pella double hung and one casement window with Polar Seal vinyl and am very happy with the quality and performance. " -Mike

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