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Marvin Windows - peeling paint and splitting wood!
After installing new Marvin clad windows, this homeowner is noticing some issues that are atypical of Marvin quality. Most concerning is the peeling paint and wood separating, which Marvin said "laminating over" the issue will resolve it. Is this standard practice, or is it just a Band-Aid for a larger issue? Is all of this covered under Marvin's comprehensive warranty? See what our pros have to say!
Window World vs Burris Windows
A Dallas-Fort Worth homeowner is looking to install new windows that help cut energy costs, but are still budget-friendly. The top considerations are both Low-E 336 windows; Window World 4000 Series and Burris Tectview AC Windows. Are either of these a good choice? Are there better options for the hot Texas climate?
Replacing 52 windows
Geothermal radiant floor heating and blown-in insulation are going to require some great windows to keep the efficiency in this new Colorado home. After looking at Marvin, Milgard and Weathergaurd, this homeowner is very confused! What's more important in this case? The glass package or the brand? Is the elevation an issue? Will $45,000 be enough for 52 windows? See what our window experts think!

Review the Basics

fiberglassWhat are window ratings?
Are you on the hunt for replacement windows, but having a hard time figuring out which manufacturers are the best? Did you know our reviewers rated Sound Solutions as the top window? Did you know Alside, Andersen and Simonton were all in the top 5? We've listed out all the top 100 manufactures to make your replacement window shopping easier! Read More >>
Cost Saver Windows
Rating 5
"Great Looking, Efficient, Durable" -Ryan G

"I love my Cost Saver Windows by Alside They did a great job. I noticed right away how quiet they made the home and look great " -Lee, OH

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Vista Windows
Rating 3
"The double-hung seems fine, but the sliders fit loosely in their frames and air blows through where the sections meet and at the bottom.." -Lisa, MO

"Their triple payne r-7 panorama double hung is a fantastic product for the price." -Quin, MN

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