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Okna 800 Slider with Weepholes
This homeowner has noticed all his Okna Sliders (especially the 800 Series) have weepholes in them, specifically where the sloped screen meets the sill. Is this normal for slider windows? Is it something that should cause worry? Would double-hungs be the better (albeit less affordable) option? See what our pros have to say, and whether or not this is an issue to fret over.
Replacing 20 year old Pella Windows
This homeowner has recently purchased a home under foreclosure in a high-end neighborhood. Over 75% of the windows were broken or unrepairable, and need to be replaced. Which windows will match (or exceed) the quality of the previous Pella windows; Starmark, Marvin/Integrity or Anderson 400? Our pros give their input on which windows are going to be best for this situation.
Does a bad vibe mean a bad deal?
Salesman quoted this homeowner $25,000 for an install of 27 Executive line NT windows, but got a bad vibe from the salesman. Even though the salesman said this was almost 50% below retail value, this homeowner is still worried about not getting a good deal. Do our pros think it'd be a good idea to get some other quotes before moving forward? Or is this a great deal, for a great window?

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Designer Series by Pella Windows
Rating 2
"We had trouble with the 70 windows installed in our new home from the start. Now, they have begun rotting " -Dawn, IA

"The windows are a little expensive and seem to be good quality.quot; -Marietta, GA

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Gorell 5100
Rating 4
"I was impressed with 1) The quality of their vinyl. Brighter/Whiter than other brands I reviewed. 2)Their balance system. The "constant force" balance creates more leverage on the double-hung sash, and better ease of use." -Bill, MA

"My windows have been awesome! My utility bills have been reduced by over a 1/3 and I can not hear traffic noise when they are closed. " -Barb, LA

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