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$54k for Windows and Siding?
A homeowner's mother is looking to replace 9 windows and 1 sliding patio door, as well as adding siding to a 1400 sq. ft. home. The siding is the most important aspect of this replacement, but the installer has recommended the windows first. With a budget much lower than $54k, she is seeking advice. Is this a fair quote?
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Okna 600 Windows?
These homeowners have taken a look at Castle Windows and Okna 600, and really enjoyed both. The Okna 600 series is a great price, and seems like a solid window - but some reviewers don't think they're worth the cost. What do our pros think?
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Sunrise Vanguard or Restorations Windows?
Wood veneer? Check. Omega 12 Glass w/ Low-E? Check. Noise Reduction Glass? Check. This homeowner has found two windows that fit all his needs and have similar price points. When both options are excellent, making the choice can be difficult. Do our pros think Sunrise Vanguard or Restoration windows are the better option?
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Review the Basics

Oberon's Acoustic Post Oberon: Pressure Ratings
This week we are revisiting an older, but informative post by our resident expert - Oberon. Have you wondered how Design Pressure numbers are established, and what they actually mean? Oberon talks about what DP and Air Infiltration really mean.
Farley Windows
Rating 1.25
"Windows fit poorly, when latched move approx. 1/4" vertically, move horizontally also, not a good fit" -Window Shopper
" I replaced all windows in my house with farley. I have a broken frame and the windows are leaking, also they brand theses windows under other names,kaykan and kaytec. They say the frame is not covered under warranty " -Bee, PA
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Okna 800 Series
Rating 3
"We immediately noticed the absence of the usual drafts and now are seeing better heating efficiency in the rooms they were installed in. A solid window that is worth the money you pay. Buy them!." -Oldranch, IL

" This window has incredible air leakage ratings with a .02. Most people don't know about air leakage, it's all about U-factor but most windows lose more energy from leaks than through the glass. Great Window!" -Jared Ray, VA
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