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Week of July 15, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Price Check: Okna 800 for $560 per Window?
One of our members has received a quote for different Okna windows, especially the Okna 800. Is $560 per window a good deal? See what our experts think.Read More >>
Clearing the confusion - Purchasing new windows
A member has some concerns with how complicated the replacement window buying process is. Read what one of our resident experts has to say about what to look for and how to buy. Read More >>
Okna or Alside Windows? Who makes the better product?
One member is looking to purchase Okna Starmark windows or Alside Preservations. Which product is going to be the best solution for this member? See what our experts think. Read More >>

Reveiw the Basics

Super Spacer SystemThe Super Spacer System
In order to overcome the thermal inefficiency of conventional aluminum spacers, a new type of spacer product called warm-edge technology has evolved in the industry.
Low E Windows by Andersen
Rating 5
"These windows are beautiful and so easy to manage. Can't wait for them to get dirty so I can have fun washing them. Already noticed the energy savings we will have. I pushed our air up to 76 and was comfortable all day and night. That's saying alot for the Texas heat." -Gwen, TX

4800 Series by United Window & Door
Rating 4.8
"I had old wood windows and I can not believe the difference not only in operation but energy efficiency. " Don, NJ

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