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Week of June 9, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Sealant showing on new windows
This home owner just had new windows installed and noticed sealant/caulking showing on the edging of the windows. Is this normal and acceptable from installers, or is this something that should be rectified? See what our experts have to say about it! Read More >>
Windows for Houston Texas
One homeowner is looking to install new windows in a home in Houston Texas. Currently, there are aluminum windows, which have held up well in the Houston summer. Should they pay the extra money for thermally-broken aluminum windows or are the ad van at ages over Vinyl few? See what our experts have to say about the heat, windows, and materials. Read More >>
Adding a built in J-Channel to New Vinyl Windows?
This installer is installing new Vinyl windows for a homeowner who has a premoulded j channel. While knowledgable, this installer is stumped! Take a look at the advice our experts have to complete this job. Is it something that should be handled by a more experienced installer? Read More >>

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SHGCProtect Your Home With Impact Windows
How much is security worth? When purchasing windows, it's a good idea to keep impact windows in mind. Whether it's against the elements or other security threats, laminated glass can add an extra layer of protection to your home. Our resident expert goes into detail...
Restoration by Sun Rise Windows
Rating 4
"This was our first time down the Window Replacement road, we had estimates from 6 different companies, while the Sunrise Restorations were not the cheapest windows they are far and away worth the $$ we spent." -Root-Man, PA

"No other window company could tell me the R rating and the air infiltration rate. My windows have an R rating of 21 and air infiltration of .1." -Elizabeth, PA

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Vinyl Clad by Wellington Windows
Rating 2.25
"Poor customer service, untimely service, way over price originally quoted." -Jennifer, MN

"Our new windows are beautiful and well crafted and for the first time in the twenty plus years we have lived in our home we can have the windows open and let the sunshine in. " -Jill, MN

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