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Week of July 7, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Sliders in Second Home
This homeowner is looking to install new sliding doors in a second home. Originally thinking of going with Marvin, the price was just too high for their second house on the lake. Which other brands can this user seek out for a more competitively priced door? See which manufacturers our experts suggest for this homeowner. Read More >>
The best (and affordable) Garden Windows?
A homeowner was quoted $1800 for a Ply-Gem garden window installed. Is this a good deal? The homeowner thinks it's too much money, but who makes a cheaper, good quality garden window? Our experts chime in on what to expect to pay and what to expect for quality. Read More >>
Ply-Gem vs Simonton Windows
This homeowner is having quite a hard time finding new windows, but based on reviews and consumer reports, he has finally narrowed it down to Ply-Gem or Simonton windows. Hoping to keep the cost under $475 per window (looking to install 6 windows). Simonton comes in a higher price, but the review say it's worth the cost. Can our experts make the decision easier? Or are there other manufacturers this homeowner should be researching? Read More >>

Review the Basics

SHGCDid You Know: Spacers?
There are always so many things to consider when buying new windows, but did you know one of the biggest factors to performance is actually the "Spacers" in your windows? Also referred to as Warm Edge Technology, A spacer is basically the material between the two, or in triple glazing three, panes of glass. It's an important technology, with plenty of competition! Read our guides to find out which one is the best!"
Ply-Gem Windows
Rating 3
"My opinion ? steer clear of this manufacturer. If you have problems down the road, you will regret purchasing Ply Gem. " -KSDiver, DE

"They look nice. It is a lot quieter inside the house now. They seal good, but haven't had any real wind yet to check the seal. The real test will be this January.." -Mark D, WA

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Schuco Windows
Rating 4.25
"Soundproof. Heating bill for 2 story ~1800 SF $70-80/mo. in MN winters. Gorgeous!!! styling. Only downer is local distributor now doesn't carry and manufacturer in CT doesn't respond to emails for more windows. Anything else and I do mean ANYTHING ELSE is crap. You might have to settle for it, but if it's not Schuco, it's crap." -Lynn, MI

"the seal in a couple windows has failed, and Schuco tells me they cannot service vinyl windows at this time. In short, excellent design, good but not great execution, and HORRIBLE customer service." -Eric, MA

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